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Update on Victorian Compliance Codes

With Victorian being out of step with the Model WHS laws it’s important not to lose sight of ongoing developments with updates to Compliance Codes. The complete review of these Codes follows the introduction of the new OHS Regulations in 2017. Some of the old Codes were nearly 20 years old and even referenced Acts and Regulations that were repealed long ago.

Seven new codes that align to the OHS Regulations 2017 have been published so far this year and are now available. The seven codes are:

● Demolition
● Excavation
● Hazardous manual handling
● Facilities in construction
● Confined spaces
● Plant
● Noise

Copies of the new codes can be downloaded from the WorkSafe website:

New Codes expected to be finalised this month are:

● Managing asbestos in workplaces,
● Removing asbestos in workplaces,
● Prevention of falls in housing construction,
● Prevention of falls in general construction, and
● Hazardous substances compliance


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