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JLG 1932R Safety Alert

A couple of weeks ago a JLG scissor lift model 1932R dropped 3 metres without notice while an air con plumber was working on it. Now the manufacturer has issued a Safety Notice, advising that these scissor lifts must be removed from use until further notice. The Safety Notice is reproduced below:

The purpose of this notification is to advise Australian and New Zealand customers of a potential safety hazard in relation to the operation of the JLG scissor lift model 1932R.

JLG was recently made aware that whilst in operation a JLG scissor lift model 1932R descended in an uncontrolled manner. There is a potential risk of injuries to the operator or others in the vicinity. The root cause of the descend in an uncontrolled manner has not been determined conclusively and JLG is continuing its investigation in that regard.

JLG requires that customers refrain from using the scissor lift model 1932R and take all necessary steps in accordance with the customer’s safety management system to ensure that the scissor lift model 1932R is removed from use at the workplace until further notice. It is very important that this information be distributed as soon as possible to all personnel who operate the equipment, service it or work in its immediate vicinity.

Please contact JLG Australia and New Zealand Technical Services Department on 131JLG (131554) or +61 2 87186300 for New Zealand with any questions regarding this information.


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