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Life Event Technical & Production Conference 2017

Roderick van Gelder is packing his bags again, this time to speak at the LETPC 2017 in Johannesburg. Invited by the South African Roadies Association (SARA),Roderick will attend all 3 days of the conference, talking about the Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide and making new connections!

For details: LETPC 2017 Facebook or LETPC 2017 website

TechWest Conference - Perth 3 & 4 April 2017

Roderick van Gelder is very proud to have been invited to speak at the TechWest Conference in Perth on Monday 3 April.

For details: TechWest 2017

The Entech Roadshow workshops.

We are very grateful for the support CX Magazine is providing the Safety Resource Guide by enabling Roderick van Gelder to be part of the 2017 Entech Roadshow. The support means that we can have a presence at the tradeshow but even more importantly hold workshops in every city. The workshop format will consist of a brief introduction about the work done to date, explain the core principles and how to use the guide. This will be followed by a Q&A session where all attendees can ask questions, make suggestions and most importantly – start the communication. All attendees to the workshop will receive a Professional Development certificate.

Media Release November 2016  
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The Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide development has started!
A very successful crowd-funding campaign raised sufficient funds for Roderick van Gelder to allocate time to write the first draft of the guide.  Roderick has a great track record in safety initiatives for the entertainment industry through his company Stage Safety pty. Ltd. since 2002.
Encouraged by strong support from both corporate and individual contributors Roderick is set to release the initial draft to all contributors in time for the Entech Roadshow workshops.  The release of the first edition is expected in late autumn 2017.

What is the Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide?
It aims to be a reference guide for all matters health and safety related to the Australian entertainment industry, similar to the UK ‘Purple Guide’ and the USA ‘Event Safety Guide’.  The Safety Resource Guide will follow the same format but will be completely re-written to meet the Australian requirements and legislation.
The structure will be based on providing guidance which legislative requirements apply to the wide variety of activities required for staging theatrical performances, events, concerts and other entertainment activities.  It will be less of ‘How to do this’ and more ‘This is what you should know’ guide.  That way it fits in seamlessly with the current WHS legislation, which promotes consultation with all people involved, and forms a solid base for preparing the risk assessment.  The core principle will be to explain the process so that people can understand why things are done in certain ways rather than just ‘tick & flick’.
In the long term, education and integration of safety systems respectful of the artistic process are the aim.


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