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What is it all about?

The Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide aims to become the reference guide for all matters health and safety related to the Australian entertainment industry, similar to the UK ‘Purple Guide’ and the USA ‘Event Safety Guide’.  The Safety Resource Guide will follow the same format but will be completely re-written to meet the Australian requirements and legislation.

The structure will be based on providing guidance which legislative requirements apply to the wide variety of activities required for staging theatrical performances, events, concerts and other entertainment activities. 

The strength of the Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide is that it will go beyond the standard Work Health and Safety Act, covering not only health and safety legislation, but industry specific good practice and legislation such as Fire Safety, crowd management and alcohol licensing. And it will not just be valuable for large festivals or concerts. Community theatres have the same obligations as Performing Arts Centres but not the same resources. A street festival has the same obligations as Vivid Sydney. A theatre company production has the same obligations as a large Arts Festival. And all will benefit from the Safety Resource Guide. It is essential to keep in mind that it will be precisely that, a safety resource guide, a starting point providing advice on organising a safe event. The aim is to help you interpret the current Act and Regulation and implement the advice in the resource guide to meet your obligations.

It will be less of ‘How to do this’ and more a ‘This is what you should know’ guide.  That way it fits in seamlessly with the current WHS legislation, which promotes consultation with all people involved, and forms a solid base for preparing the risk assessment. 
The core principle will be to explain the process so that people can understand why things are done in certain ways rather than just ‘tick & flick’.
In the long term, education and integration of safety systems respectful of the artistic process are the aim.

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Get involved!

We welcome all input to make the Safety Resource Guide the best possible publication.

Please email your suggestion, questions, words of wisdom, really anything that is important for you and your workplace. Everything will be reviewed carefully and added where appropriate.